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iphone 4 LEGACY
(photos: Les Forges MDK) Les Forges MDK iPhone 4 Legacy | US$tba | lesforgesmdk.blogspot.com

punk rock, Doc Martens and shoulder pads were some notable icons of the 80s but for computing geeks, Apple Macintosh is perhaps the icon of the personal computing revolution and as such, to bring back the iconic multicolored Apple logo and the familiar beige hue to our modern day iPhone might just be a tantalizing idea. well, the latter may just be a reality if Maxime de Keiser and Les Forges MDK studio have their way with their interesting concept iPhone 4/4S case, dubbed the iPhone 4 Legacy. inspired by the Macintosh 128k computer of the 80s, this concept case has the heartwarming beige color paint job that once covered the original Macintosh and the colorful Apple logo is featured on the back of the case. though i may not be a Macintosh user back in the 80s but my chanced meeting and exposure to the first Mac has left me with a lasting impression. this is the case that will bring back the feeling of that first time meeting that Macintosh users will fondly remember. the case combines the sleek look of the 21st century Apple with the fond memory of the vintage Macintosh. it couldn’t get any better than this and i certainly hope it will see the light of production. check out a few more views of this awesome case after the break.

Les Forges MDK via Highsnobiety

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