KFC New ‘Colonel’, Fried Chicken-Flavored Ice Cream And Boss Cape

In’s today weirdest and possibly funnest news, KFC has declared that the world’s famous fried chicken chain will be serving up, wait for this… KFC fried chicken-flavored Ice Cream. No kidding. Or may it is? Because, the news was picked up by our source on April 1st and you know what that means… Anywho, according […]

Someone Saved The Content Of 50,000 NSFW Tumblr Blogs From Being Wiped

When micro blogging and social media platform Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo! Inc., the search giant promised status quo. And status quo it did maintain (well, kind of), but when Verizon Media picked it up in 2017, it changed. Specifically, it changed in 2018 when Tumblr made an akin to end of the world, shocking […]

Designer Imagines How Apps And Services Would Be In Pre-Internet Era

Have you ever wonder what it would be like if today’s popular apps and services we use today were available in the pre-internet era? It is hard to imagine Spotify, or Facebook would be if they existed, say, in the 80s, but one man has imagine how today’s icons like Netflix, Snapchat, Adobe Illustrator and […]

It’s Official. Google Is Pulling The Plug On Google Plus

You know how doctors sometimes have to amputate patients’ limb(s) because an infection have gotten out of hand? Well, that’s what happening to Google Plus (Google+). Google’s very own social network that was meant to go head-to-head with Facebook is officially being “amputated.” It will cease to exist starting August 31, 2019. Rest in peace, […]

Here’s How You Can Use Gadgets To Improve Your Business Plan

If you are determined to push forward with your entrepreneurial endeavors, you will need to have a clear plan in place. Otherwise, you could end up making costly mistakes that undermine everything you want to achieve. If you are a stranger to planning ahead, you may be intimidated by this change in approach. Have no […]

Facebook Wants To Use Photos To Create “Walkable” 3D Spaces

I recall there was a sci-fi flick where some alien race on Earth uses a futuristic panel that, when pointed at a particular area, displays what had happened previously in that particular location. It is a tech is thankfully not real, but we are probably not far from it either. During Facebook‘s annual F8 conference […]

Facebook Dating Is Facebook’s Answer To Tinder… With A 2.2B Active Pool

You knew this is coming, don’t you? With a platform rich with personal data, you knew one day Facebook is going to get into the Dating business. Well, if you have foretold this, then give yourself pat on the back. You got it right. The CEO himself, Mark Zuckerberg, made the announcement during the company’s […]

You Can’t Afford A Private Jet, But You Surely Can Take Photos In One!

These days, it is not easy to convince your Instagram followers that you are filthy rich. Posing next to stranger’s Lamborghini parallel parked on the street? Nah. Too passé and a tad too obvious that ride isn’t yours. Using a model car and standing way in front of it, pretending that it is a full-size […]

Whatsapp Update Shares Info With Facebook And Here’s How To Opt Out

Ever since Facebook’s acquisition, Whatsapp has evolved quite a lot, mostly for the good, though not every update it pushes out put a smile in everyone’s face. And this latest update is bound to draw flak from users. While the incorporation of Whatsapp Calling, end-to-end encryption, and Whatsapp web and desktop are seen as welcome […]

Twitter’s New #Stickers Is The Visual Version Of The Good’ol Hashtag

You know how Facebook lets you add ‘stickers’ on your uploaded photos? Well, now Twitter has it too, but there’s a particularly useful ’twist’ to it. Dubbed #Stickers, it allows you to ‘stick’ stuff like emojis, props and ‘accessories’ anywhere on the photos, but that’s where the similarity with Facebook’s stops. Tweeted image that has […]