Telegram is a popular app among businesses and has outgrown Whatsapp due to its advantages. The convenient interface provides an excellent user experience, so this platform has gained over 400 million monthly users. Knowing That there is high engagement, businesses have many opportunities to spread brand awareness. A brand will buy a telegram account to establish a strong presence on this network. But why should you enhance your Telegram presence, and how? In this post, we share all you need to know!


During the pandemic, the people were looking for communication methods for socialization. When they were tired of Instagram, they wished to try other apps. That’s when Telegram gained immense popularity. According to research, Telegram is a highly engaging platform compared to other social media. With a high view rate of 20%, this platform offers many possibilities for brands looking for exposure. The excellent engagement is a good opportunity, together with the large audience. With this, brands can share their message and make sure it reaches many people. 

Unlimited Reach

Whatsapp has a limit of 200 participants per group. However, this isn’t the case with Telegram. Therefore, many companies will join Telegram to gain access to a broader audience. With groups counting more than one million followers, this network is seen as a better opportunity for reaching people. With this, you can join relevant groups and share updates about the brand. 

Combines With Other Social Media Accounts

Telegram is an excellent opportunity to spread the word if you already have a presence on social media. A pod is a group of people that loves your brand. They will engage with the posts when you submit them on Telegram. For many companies, Telegram is an excellent way to draw traffic to their social media accounts. 

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How to use Telegram pods? You can create coding bots if you want to use the additional features and have a technology-oriented company. The bots will automatically send a reminder to the group, which will enhance the engagement. Automated communication might be difficult for companies that aren’t familiar with coding, but it is feasible in the long run as you don’t need to send messages personally. 

Direct Communication

Social media creates a limit between the follower and the brand, making people feel like they need to follow the brand. Telegram eliminates the barrier and communicates directly with the audience. On Telegram, the communication is more personal. The individual is a part of a large group with similar interests. Therefore, a Telegram message feels more personal. On the other hand, a Facebook post seems to target a broad audience, and people won’t feel like it caters to them. 

With Telegram, people are the ones that share the company’s updates. With this, there is more of a personal touch to the communication. People won’t see brands as entities but rather as people.


This application is known for its enhanced security. When working from home has gained popularity during the pandemic, businesses use Telegram to communicate with their employees. With this, they seek online security. With options for secret chat, privacy is the app’s top priority. When Whatsapp didn’t have enhanced security, many users turned to Telegram.

Final Thoughts

Due to its many advantages, Telegram has gained massive popularity among businesses. It is an excellent marketing tool to enhance engagement and increase brand awareness. One of the critical aspects is to communicate with our audience personally and not as an organization. With this, your engagement rates will skyrocket.

Featured image by Dima Solomin on Unsplash.

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