One-off Fantuzzi-bodied Ferrari 250

Ferrari lovers with super deep pockets may want to know this: a one-off Fantuzzi-bodied Ferrari 250 is up for grab. It is being put up on sale by Ferrari specialist and broker GTO Engineering.

One-off Fantuzzi-bodied Ferrari 250

The left-hand drive 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso bodied by Fantuzzi is unexampled. It is the 16th 250 GT Lusso ever made and it had a period coachbuilt Fantuzzi body added to it. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Though purists may beg to differ. But please be reminded that there is only one such example with the Fantuzzi body.

This ride has graced many prestigious events, including Concours. After she retired from a life of glitz and glamor, it somehow landed at GTO Engineering where it was cared for over a decade.

One-off Fantuzzi-bodied Ferrari 250

The history is well-documented, according to GTO Engineering, thanks to the effort of the previous owner who spent over 3 years documenting the actual history of this model.

It was said the previous owner even made a trip to Italy to meet the original owner, Gianfranco Pederzani and visited the Ferrari factory. He even personally met with or spoke to, most of the people who have owned this car.

One-off Fantuzzi-bodied Ferrari 250

Here’s a brief of the car’s life since the Pederzani brothers (one who was the owner of Tecno, a builder of Formula F2 and F3 cars) sold the car:

“Its illustrious history starts in 1966 when the Pederzani brothers sold the car to Venezuela, however by the summer of 1968 this special Ferrari had moved to New York and was owned by Richard Trask. In around 1977 Terry Kramer purchased the car, and it is believed it was at that time that some further modifications were made (possibly by Tom Meade) including a more pronounced boot lid spoiler and some 250 GTO-inspired vents in the wings and on the nose. Soon after this, the car was shipped to Honolulu where it was registered. The car went through Collier Thelian’s hands in 1978 and was sold to Gerald O’Conner in 1979, who put the car in storage in 1981 where it would remain for the next 24 years.”

Then, 11 years ago, it went through a full restoration, which include a fresh coat of Rosso Corsa paint.

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The one-off 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso bodied by Fantuzzi is being offered for sale with a price on application. You may learn more about this awesome classic HERE.

One-off Fantuzzi-bodied Ferrari 250

Images: GTO Engineering.