These Instagram Success Tips Will Help Jazz Up Your Account

More than 1.28 billion people actively use Instagram daily. With that being said, if you are an influencer or a business, chances are you want to make your profile as discoverable and engaging as possible.

These Instagram Success Tips Will Help Jazz Up Your Account
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It can’t be that difficult, right? All you’ve got to do on Instagram is post often and don’t fall behind, but we are here to tell you there are some tips that can help you make the most of your profile. If you are looking to spice up your Instagram, these tips and tricks will ensure you are present on your follower’s feeds every time you post.

Rethink Your Profile Aesthetic

The most successful Instagram profiles follow a particular aesthetic, not only in how they post things but also in how it looks. However, it is crucial that you take your time to determine which type of Instagram aesthetic fits you and your style.

The best way to determine your aesthetic is to carefully consider the personality of your brand and what that would look like put into action. For instance, if you are a jewelry brand that provides classic pieces to showcase your products best, you might choose a simple and sleek design for your Instagram profile to follow.

After you understand your brand personality, you can begin attaching visual characteristics to it.

Choose The Right Profile Name

We understand that some people enjoy having profile names that you have to ask about and then receive an in-depth, interesting, or funny story about. However, Instagram is not a social media platform where many will care to communicate with you about the username you have chosen.

If you want to make your profile unique, it is best to select a username that can be easily identified by those that come across your profile. If you are known for a specific product or your brand is well known, keep it simple and use that as your username.

Because people know your brand name, it will be easier for them to distinguish your profile from others that might have similar names or products. Also, when selecting the username for your profile, you can try a few, and if they are taken, the algorithm will provide you with a list of other suggestions you can use if you choose.

Buy Your Followers

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the follower count on your profile does not seem to match the time and effort you have put into your profile. This is when you should check into using a reputable company like iDigic. They allow you the chance to buy likes.

Buying likes will increase your chances of your Instagram posts ending on the Discover page. When your post shows up on the Discover page, this means it is being seen by hundreds of thousands of people every second.

When people are able to see your profile, it will lead to an increase in profile visits and can help your chances of securing more followers than if you were to wait for likes organically. Ensure you review the rules behind buying likes and then sit back and watch your posts get the notoriety it needs.

Link Other Social Media Accounts In Your Bio

If you are on Instagram, chances are it is not the only social media account you have or run. That said, you want people to have as many chances as possible to interact with your profiles, which increases brand awareness and transparency.

You do not want to send followers on a wild goose chase but instead should provide them with the information they need to find your other social media profiles. When you link to your other profiles, one thing that should always be avoided is spelling out the entire link URL.

Instead, use icons and link your profile to that icon. Therefore, followers will know that clicking this button takes them to Pinterest or Twitter. It takes the guessing game out of viewing your other accounts.

Doing it this way also makes it easier for people to share your profiles with friends or family who need your products and services.

These Instagram Success Tips Will Help Jazz Up Your Account
Photo by Jan Baborák on Unsplash.

Choose The Right Instagram Caption

A caption, for some people, means choosing a line from their favorite song or poem and posting it. But what if we told you there was a way to select a caption and optimize it simultaneously?

Before you choose your captions, consider the various hashtags that are being used at that point in time. We recommend selecting one to two long-form hashtags, and then perhaps one short-form hashtag.

Long-form hashtags are the ones that are the most commonly used by people, which means that hundreds of other profiles are using them and competing to be more visible to people using Instagram. Short-form hashtags are not as commonly used, which means that you are not going to compete against that many profiles.

Using a mixture of long and short-form hashtags and keywords will help increase your chances of being seen and get people to take a look at the profile you have worked on, making it more engaging.

Use Video Features

People’s attention spans are not as long as they used to be, which means you only have a few seconds to make an impression before people scroll past your post. If you want to ensure your profile is ingrained in those who see it, the best thing to do is utilize video to convey your message.

Instagram offers the ability to post reels to your story, and you can also create a carousel of images and attach music to them.

Get Jazzy On Instagram

There are tons of profiles on Instagram that are popular for several reasons. The main reason is that they take pride in how their profile looks to followers and take numerous steps to ensure the profile remains well-maintained for everyone who visits it.

To join them, you’ve got to focus on choosing a solid aesthetic to follow, and not be afraid to buy some likes.

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