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You Can’t Afford A Private Jet, But You Surely Can Take Photos In One!

These days, it is not easy to convince your Instagram followers that you are filthy rich. Posing next to stranger’s Lamborghini parallel parked on the street? Nah. Too passé and a tad too obvious that ride isn’t yours. Using a model car and standing way in front of it, pretending that it is a full-size luxury sports car? Nah. That is the oldest trick on the book which kind of means predictable. So, what’s the best way, you ask? Get someone to photoshop you into a private jet. Almost a great idea, except that nowadays, the Internet is full of eagle eyed folks. If you do that, you are putting your reputation on the line. In other words, you’d be flamed till the cow comes home. Continue reading You Can’t Afford A Private Jet, But You Surely Can Take Photos In One!

Images Of Tiny Hedgehog Camping Are Sure To Make You Go Awww…

This is Azuki, a super adorable Japanese hedgehog who has a following larger on Instagram than some so-called “social media influencers” and for obvious reasons. He is incredibly cute. He is usually seen dressed up as a rabbit, chilling out in cosy comforter or in his miniature house, and just being cute without needing to put in any effort. If you are not a fan already, a few of his recent photos are sure to set your heart fluttering. In his recent photoshoot, Azuki the Hedgehog was seen venturing out of his comfort zone and into the wild. Packing his bag, he went on an adventure in the wild, doing things that humans would normally do when out in the great outdoors. You know, things like kayaking, camping in a tent, and collecting firewood with a cute trolley. Continue reading Images Of Tiny Hedgehog Camping Are Sure To Make You Go Awww…

Projecteo – a wee size Instagram projector

Projecteo - a wee size Instagram projector
Projecteo | from US$25.00 | www.getprojecteo.com

calling all Instagram users, time to remove your lovely images off from the digital world and bring it to the real world. honestly, a photo can never be truly a photo if it never makes it onto a photo paper and that doesn’t help much that those lovely Instagram images that you took are far too small than anyone would have liked. however, a project dubbed as Projecteo is set to change all that. the Projecteo comprises of two parts: the wee size projector itself and a slide wheel that holds nine 35mm images. armed with a powerful LED and focusable lenses Continue reading Projecteo – a wee size Instagram projector

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Instagram Socialmatic Camera
(photos: ADR Studio) Instagram Socialmatic Camera | US$tba | www.adr-studio.it

if you don’t already know, Instagram turns out to be a huge phenomenon in recent time and it literally steps into the limelight when Facebook splurged nearly a billion to own it. now that Instagram is getting all the right attention, wouldn’t it be nice for someone to make an Instagram-dedicated camera? well, unfortunately there is none right now but this concept by Italy-based design house ADR Studio, aptly dubbed Instagram Socialmatic Camera, will certainly have any true-blooded Instagrammers drooling all over. heck, we couldn’t even withhold our own drool! Continue reading Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Instaprint prints your Instagram photos wirelessly

(photos: Instaprint) Instaprint | US$399.00 | www.instaprint.me

the people of the 21st century loves to share their moments digitally but what’s the point of sharing when you can’t print it instantly like the good old Polaroid camera? Instagram may have rekindled your love for those arty Polaroid prints, letting you share your photos digitally as you capture them but for a complete nostalgic feel, we gotta to get our hands on the actual prints and that’s where the Instaprint comes in. this little unassuming box hooks up to your WiFi network and will print out any images tagged with a specific location or hashtag that matches and the best part is, it prints them the old school way – without ink. just think of it as the 21st century photo booth for your home or party. with Instaprint, you will be printing those hilarious party photos right there, right then – at your ongoing party. Continue reading Instaprint prints your Instagram photos wirelessly