These days, it is not easy to convince your Instagram followers that you are filthy rich. Posing next to stranger’s Lamborghini parallel parked on the street? Nah. Too passé and a tad too obvious that ride isn’t yours. Using a model car and standing way in front of it, pretending that it is a full-size luxury sports car? Nah. That is the oldest trick on the book which kind of means predictable. So, what’s the best way, you ask? Get someone to photoshop you into a private jet. Almost a great idea, except that nowadays, the Internet is full of eagle eyed folks. If you do that, you are putting your reputation on the line. In other words, you’d be flamed till the cow comes home.

The Private Jet Studio by some enterprising Russians, however, is a lot more convincing because, those guys will rent you a real private jet for a modest sum of $244 which will include a two hours photography session by a professional photographer. No photoshop, no model plane. It is the real deal, well, sort of. All you need to do is to look the part, both in attire and mannerism (and fly to Russia, of course), and you are all set to impress your Instagram followers. It is not known how many Gulfstream 650 the Moscow-based company has in the hanger, but one thing for sure, never believe whatever Instagram photos the so-called oligarchs posted on social media from here on. But really, rapper Bow Wow will probably advice against it.

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This is probably the most ridiculous story we have heard in the young history of social medial thus far. So, what’s next? Rent-a-beautiful-friend? Or perhaps, we should all take it even further like, maybe rent-a-spaceship? Perhaps Richard Branson may want to consider this opportunity to cover the demographic who can’t afford the $250K ticket to space? Man, I am astounded by the things people will do to get more likes, or more simply put, to impress strangers.

Images: Private Jet Studio.

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