Many, many moons ago, we saw what could be the best invention for in-car consumption of fries and nuggets. The Dip Clip, as it is called, may have ended the fries/nugget dry spell but it neglected one very important issue: who’s holding the fries/nuggets?

French Fry Holder For Car

If you have a partner, he or she could assume the duty of a fries or nuggets holder but what if you are all alone? While I don’t know who or what is going to hold the nuggets, we do know that French Fry Holder For Car is the in-car accessory that will help you with the fries.

This molded plastic contraption has an upper in the shape of a typical large fries packet for, well, holding the French fries and a bottom that is designed to fit in the standard cup holders in an automobile.

How to use it is pretty self-explanatory. Basically anywho who drives and eats fries will know what to do. It is just natural for this segment of people. And no. I do not eat in my car. That is one rule that will never be broken, in addition to putting on a seatbelt.

French Fry Holder For Car

But if do eat fries in your car, the French Fry Holder For Car, together with Saucemoto Dip Clip, is here to make the experience whole. Even a person who is against eating in the car is almost moved by its practicality. Almost.

If you are swoon over by it, you may pick up the French Fry Holder For Car from for just US$12.95 a pop.

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