Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Instagram Socialmatic Camera
(photos: ADR Studio) Instagram Socialmatic Camera | US$tba |

if you don’t already know, Instagram turns out to be a huge phenomenon in recent time and it literally steps into the limelight when Facebook splurged nearly a billion to own it. now that Instagram is getting all the right attention, wouldn’t it be nice for someone to make an Instagram-dedicated camera? well, unfortunately there is none right now but this concept by Italy-based design house ADR Studio, aptly dubbed Instagram Socialmatic Camera, will certainly have any true-blooded Instagrammers drooling all over. heck, we couldn’t even withhold our own drool! this dream camera features a dual lens setup – one for main imaging, while the second acts as 3D filters, webcam and for QR Code capturing. other key features include built-in LED flash, optical zoom, 16GB of internal storage, a large 4:3 touchscreen display, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to satisfy the sharing-beast in you. going in line with the Instagram spirit, the camera is also capable of instant print, thanks to its built-in printer, which uses Instagram paper sheets and dedicated four-color ink cartridges. all details are not spared as ADR Studio even dreamed up an app, known as Insta0s 1.0, that allows for instant sharing on Facebook. instant and sharing are what the Instagram Socialmatic Camera is about and the aesthetic? it is one heck of a good looking camera. will somebody get this into production already? click through for a few more look. trust us, you won’t want to miss them!

ADR Studio via Redmond Pie

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