Sony Xperia Ear “Open-style Concept” Headphones

Like the Xperia Touch Interactive Android Projector which points to the future of projectors, Sony’s Xperia Ear “Open-style Concept” headphones is an example where headphones technology is heading. Soon, headphones that cuts you off from the rest of the world will be a thing of the past. Utilizing ‘open-ear’ audio technology developed by Sony’s Future Lab Program, Sony Xperia Ear “Open-style Concept” allows users to listen to music and received notifications while still enabling the wearer to hear sounds from the environment.

Wait a minute. Isn’t this bone conduction technology? A technology that has been in used in hearing aids for years now? Well, folks, I think it is, and if that being the case, Sony is definitely not the first to leverage on bone conduction for sound delivery, but oddly, that this technology hasn’t seen a widespread adoption like it should. This so-called ‘open-ear’ audio technology is going to be best thing to happen in personal listening because it lets you in on the environment sounds so you will be aware of your surrounding while not sacrificing audio quality.

Speaking of audio quality, a pair of “highly powerful” spatial acoustic conductors and driver units are responsible for transmitting sounds straight to the ear canal and since this method of sound delivery does not block your hearing passage like traditional earbuds do, ambient sound can still reach your soundholes and hence, the next time when a bicycle pulls up from behind you and gives you a friendly ring, you will know. I know all the fuss about noise cancellation, but seriously, not being able to hear ambient noise can be dangerous especially when walking on the streets.

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In addition, Sony Xperia Ear “Open-style Concept” will also be powered by Sony Agent Technology, a technology found on the current Xperia Ear. Sony Agent Technology is essentially a personal assistant (think Siri and Google Assistant) that leverages on conversational voice interaction, as well as head gestures to help you get things done, access information and communicate.

For the moment, it looks like Sony Xperia Ear “Open-style Concept” Headphones is going to remain as concept for now cos’ Sony did not disclose the fate of the product, but then again, this is not the automobile industry, so Open-ear Concept is likely to make it to the market and into your hands eventually. The only questions are, when and how much?

Skip ahead and have a look at the product promo video.

Image: Sony Mobile.