Sony Xperia Touch Interactive Android Projector

When you talk about projectors, you probably think of a device that throws an image on a vertical, flat surface. While it is true the Sony Xperia Touch you see here fulfils the aforementioned typical projector criteria, it is not quite like your typical projector. It is an interactive Android projector that is capable of turning any flat surface, vertical or horizontal, into a 23-inch HD touchscreen and it has ultrashort throw too, meaning distance and space constraint will never be an issue, like ever. So, yeah, Xperia Touch is likely a representation of what the future projectors will be.

The Xperia Touch is pretty much like the Ultra Short Throw Projector we have seen a while back, but it is not a mere light-emitting, image-projecting gadget; it is essentially a projector with touchscreen functionality without actually having a display because any flat surface can be its display – all thanks to a combination of Sony’s SXRF projection display technology, infrared light and real-time detection via its built-in camera.

This means, you can have a touchscreen that won’t detach (well, kind of) you from the rest of the family as entire family can get together to do things like playing games, watch streaming videos, text messaging, video chat, and surf the net. You can even use it to spit out the recipe of a particular dish that you like to cook right on your kitchen countertop. Well, I guess that’s no more greasing your tablet just for this purpose, eh?

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Obviously, Sony Xperia Touch Interactive Android Projector sounds the coolest thing to ever happen to projectors, except that there’s just one teeny weeny problem here: it is going to run you back at a cool €1,499 (or about US$1,588) a unit when it hits the market this Spring and that’s pretty hefty for a projector. Personally, I find it hard to justify the sticker, since you’d be getting just HD resolution. Ok, maybe, it is not a connoisseur-kind of entertainment device.

Image: Sony.