Razer Wants To Fuse Smartphone With Laptop In Project Linda

Turning a smartphone into a full-fledged computer by the way of docking is not the newest new, but Razer has announced at this CES this year is something unheard off. The concept is similar to what many, including Samsung, has done, but Razer’s idea is to turn its Android smartphone into a functional 13.3-inch laptop. […]

This Is Sony Xperia Touch, It Will Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Surface

When you talk about projectors, you probably think of a device that throws an image on a vertical, flat surface. While it is true the Sony Xperia Touch you see here fulfils the aforementioned typical projector criteria, it is not quite like your typical projector. It is an interactive Android projector that is capable of […]

AuraVisor VR Headset Lets You Experience Virtual Reality Untethered And Without Smartphone

To experience Virtual Reality, you will required a VR headset that either works with your smartphone or hooked up to a PC. The latter can be deal breaker as wire can and will get in your way, preventing a true immersive experience and so for now, it seems like smartphone-based VR is a better bet, […]

ZRRO Wants to Turn Your TV into a Big-ass Tablet, Supports 4K Too

There are few ways in which you can play Android games on your TV. The first is with a Android game console and the second, is to cast the game to your TV with the appropriate accessory. So it all sound good as far as Android gaming on big screen goes, well, that’s until you […]

Android Comes To Bluetooth Speaker, Does More Than Playing Back Music

Android is everywhere. It exist in watches, TVs, streaming media player, game consoles, cell phones and tablets, and now, it wants to be your music player, or to be more specific, it wants to be your convenient entertainment product. The Zettaly Avy Smart Speaker is just one such device. An Android-powered entertainment product that not […]

ZTE’s 2nd-Generation Android Smart Projector Looks Suspiciously Like An Apple Mac mini and iMac Hybrid

We are seeing an age of a multi-function gadgets and the freshly announced ZTE Spro 2 Android Smart Projector is one of the many that we will be seeing in near future. The ZTE Spro 2 Android Smart Projector is, as the product name implies, an Android-powered projector. The first thing you will notice about […]

Soap Intelligent Router Wants You To Configure It Right From The Router, Not A Computer

wireless router is a like a mysterious magic box and is the sole device that connects you to the larger world outside and it is also a box that all your connected devices have to go through. despite that, most average people loathe configuring them cos’ it is after all, a box with a bunch […]

ARCHOS Unveils ArcBook, A $170 Android Netbook

tablet is one of those God sent when it comes to on-the-go entertainment, but it can be a frustrating experience trying to get real work done on an Android tablet, mainly due to, you guessed it, the lack of ‘proper’ inputs that we are accustomed to when say, working on a laptop or desktop computer. […]

Nikon COOLPIX S810c Android Camera

the advantage of Android-powered camera is obvious to sharing fanatics, though its true benefit, well if you can even call them benefit, is the ability to shoot with apps, edit the photos and videos right there and then before, well, sharing them. despite the ‘alternative benefits’ the market remains skeptical and perhaps that is why…

iDECT SMART66 Android Phablet DECT Cordless Phone

you have seen Panasonic given DECT phone the Android treatment, now meet iDECT SMART66 Android Phablet DECT Cordless Phone. announced earlier this year in Europe, London-based Binatone is bringing this smartphone-home phone hybrid to North America.