by now, you are probably overwhelmed by portable Bluetooth speakers and probably won’t want to be pushed with another but this latest offering from Soundmatters, the folks who made audiophile-grade sound on-the-go possible, has something sleek and lust-worthy that we thought would be criminal if we don’t shout it out here. dubbed as the Dash7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, this purse- and jacket pocket-friendly wireless speaker measures an uber flat three-quarter inch thin and promised to deliver a wide dynamic range omnidirectional sound. technical specs remain scant at this point but what we do know is, this soundbar/speakerphone features a new fifth generation twoofer (basically a tweeter and woofer hybrid) and BassBattery (a proprietary lithium-ion battery slapped with a bass radiator) for “true high-fidelity sound”. additionally, the Dash7 comes equipped with an angled stand for direct on-axis high resolution music enjoyment. sporting a physical form factor that is said to be 40 percent smaller than the foxL v2, the Dash7 is designed to be nestled below your tablet device without obstructing your view, giving you the omnidirectional sound when watching movies and music videos. other highlights include extended Bluetooth range (no specific, though), noise-canceling speakerphone functionality and a sub output for hooking up with the optional foxLO, a palm-sized powered subwoofer, to further amp up your on-the-road party. the Dash7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Soundmatters is set to be available in Stateside in late January via select online retailers for $249 a pop but prior to that, it will grace the 2013 International CES next week in Las Vegas.

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