JustMount – wall organizer for iPhone and TidyTilt+

JustMount - wall organizer for iPhone and TidyTilt+
if you are feeling that your desk is shrinking in size, let us assure you that it is not. it is probably because you have way too many stuff on one single table top – to which we suggest it is high time for you to grow out of that clutter with a little assistant from JustMount from TidyTilt. it is an exceedingly simple and elegant solution that would guaranteed to ease your desktop clutter woes. JustMount is such a no brainer product that it does straight into our ‘why i didn’t of that’ category. crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, JustMount is a magnetic wall mount organizer that offers a place for your small items such as keys, pens, scissors and other minute stuff as long as they contain ferrous metal in them. it can even hold up your iPhone and your earphones when used in conjunction with the metal-embedded TidyTilt+ iPhone case and the TidyTilt folding panel, respectively. the JustMount can be installed virtually anywhere you fancy via two methods: the included adhesive pad and screws. it is a simple solution but we can’t help but to be awed by it, plus this little cube-like gadget accessory looks pretty dope with its industrial style design. you can pre-order the JustMount – wall organizer for iPhone and TidyTilt+ via Kickstarter. for a pledge of $19 or more, a JustMount can be yours or you could get the JustMount bundled with the TidyTilt+ (that comes with the beautiful and functional folding panel) with a pledge of $45 or more.

Kickstarter via werd.

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