even if hovercrafts are licensed to be on the road, we doubt if anyone would be thrilled to be driving an uninspiring, rubber wrapped vehicle down the street and that’s not to mention the mandatory, deafening roar when it is in operation – unless the hovercraft that we are talking about look as impressive as the Mercier-Jones Hovercraft. this Mercier-Jones’ iteration of the go-anywhere vehicle features a distinctive sharp, sports car look of carbon fiber and metal alloy construction. though undeniably sexy, the vehicle is not all beauty without brain or brawl. under its beautiful form is a hybrid drivetrain that uses a single petrol engine that feeds electricity necessary for its three electric motors and these motors are in turn, used to propel its patent-pending directional control system that makes this hovercraft as easy to maneuver as a car. so what you will expect from this drool worthy vehicle are glorious sports car look, easy to pilot and probably won’t wake up your neighbors when you fire it up. the only down side is, it is perpetually open-top so weather might be an issue and it seats two in tandem only. there’s another catch – the vehicle is still under development with no definitive date on when it will be available for your taking.

Mercier-Jones via Uncrate

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