the little green robot has invaded nearly aspect of our life, but one thing it has yet to stake its foothold is music system and when we said ‘music system’, we are talking about those mini component systems. well, the RCA Internet Music System, though not exactly a true mini component system, sure looks and functions like one, but with an added unique feature that no other music systems has: a removable Android tablet, which means you will get all the goodness that comes with an Android tablet, including access to Google Play store, stream audio via Bluetooth to the system, plays music from sources like Google Play Music, as well as apps like Spotify, Tunein Radio and Pandora – in addition to the built-in CD player and FM radio. but it doesn’t stop there: you can also stream video from the likes of Google Play Movie and TV, Netflix and YouTube, to your TV via the system’s HDMI output.

the boon here is obviously the ability to undock the tablet and use it as a standalone tablet while still capable of wireless audio streaming to the system. though the look of control tablet would probably leaves much to be desired for some and the look of the system as a whole is, well, a little more for the nostalgic folks. as for us, we kind of digging the 80s-ish retro look with contemporary touch lent by the touchscreen device and the row of what appears to be touch-sensitive control buttons. no official words on the pricing and availability, but according to Engadget, it is rumored to cost $178 when it reaches Walmart’s shelves. you see the RCA Internet Music System in action in the product promo video below.

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Youtube via Engadget

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