Lenovo’s New Android Tablets Are Super Affordable And Look Kinda Sleek

If you are in the market for affordable tablet(s), you may want to wait it out for two new devices from Lenovo: Lenovo Tab M7 and Lenovo Tab M8. The duo is the latest to join Lenovo Android tablet family. Now, you how “budget” tablets tend to not just sacrifice the specs but also the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Comes With Wireless Charging S Pen And A Steep Price

Is tablet still a thing? Personally, I am observing less people are using it in the public like it used to. In any case, Samsung has just served up a new one called Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for those who have a use for a digital slate. We have to commend on the narrow bezel. […]

Google Pixel 3 Announced Along With Google Slate And Google Home Hub

Today is the day those in denial face up to reality. I am talking about those who refused believe the previous leaks, including an unboxing video, of the Google Pixel 3. Everything was put out there and as such, today’s even was just a confirmation of sort. So, yeah, Google Pixel 3 is official and […]

2 New Samsung Galaxy Tablets: One For Work, One Family Entertainment

Prior to the UNPACKED event where the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 and the new Galaxy Watch were announced, Samsung has unveiled two new Android tablets, the Galaxy Tab A and the Galaxy Tab S4, without much fanfare. With smartphones so capable these days, it seems like tablets aren’t get as much love, but anyways, here […]

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Is A Budget Android Tablet Without Sacrificing Style

There are thousands of tablet makers out there and we know very well that we can’t (and never will) cover it all, but if there’s a deal or some announcement that we think it will benefit those with tight wallets, we are all for it. The Chuwi Hi 9 Air Android tablet is one such […]

Samsung Announced Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book With HDR Support

As Samsung’s mobile division is dealing with the aftermath of fiery phone, alleged exploding washing machine and shady dealings, it is business as usual for other aspects of the business and that’s a good thing because, we won’t want to see another good competition goes down the drain. Speaking of business as usual, that already […]

Google Pixel C 64GB Model Gets $100 Off On Google Store Till January 7

Here’s another ‘don’t say we didn’t tell you’ post and this time, it is the well-received, but pricey Google Pixel C tablet that’s getting a significant* discount. Google has taken $100 off the 64GB model’s original price on Google Store (online, obviously). As mentioned, the discount only applies to the 64GB model and after lopping […]

This is The First World’s Shatter-proof Android Tablet And It Cost Just $99

The tablet market is like one huge pie that made up of mostly big name companies and so, if a new entrant wants to the join the crowded party, it ought to put on the table something different. And something different is what a relatively unknown startup Fino has to offer with the outfit’s first […]

ARCHOS’ New Oxygen Tablets Look Pretty, Cost No More Than $140

If you think paying over 250 bucks for a tablet is considered excessive, then ARCHOS may be able to help. Known for producing a myriad of affordable gadgets that doesn’t skim on features, the France-based electronics maker will be showing off three new Oxygen tablets at the Mobile World Congress 2016. The tablets, namely, 70 […]

Huawei Unveils Smartwatch For Ladies, Premium Audio Tablet, Gold Nexus 6P And Mate 8 For The World

When the world is consumed with gadgets that look pretty much like one another, you can either push your product out and hope for the best, or you could go the premium route. The latter is what Huawei did. During this year’s CES, the China communication equipment maker unveils three premium consumer devices, namely a […]