Cleo Skribent Messograf Caliper Pen

Cleo Skribent Messograf Caliper Pen
(photos: Best Made) Cleo Skribent Messograf Caliper Pen | US$28.00 |

to call the Cleo Skribent Messograf Caliper Pen just a pen is a huge under statement. however, you’d be wrong to think that it is a dual purpose pen because it has more than two functions. apart from the obvious functions as a writing instrument and vernier caliper, it is also a ruler, a thread scale and a tire tread gauge. handmade in Germany by specialty pen maker Cleo Skribent, the pen is not only functional but also quite a sight to behold, all thanks to the quality-obsessed craftsmanship and its chromium-plated brass. the fact that it uses standard size ink cartridges, ensures that replacement cartridges can be easily obtained and thus, allowing you to continue using it. the Cleo Skribent Messograf Caliper Pen can be yours for just $28. not convinced as to why you should spend more than twenty bucks for a ballpoint pen? may be some images after the break would help to accentuate its visual qualities.

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