Projecteo – a wee size Instagram projector

Projecteo - a wee size Instagram projector
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calling all Instagram users, time to remove your lovely images off from the digital world and bring it to the real world. honestly, a photo can never be truly a photo if it never makes it onto a photo paper and that doesn’t help much that those lovely Instagram images that you took are far too small than anyone would have liked. however, a project dubbed as Projecteo is set to change all that. the Projecteo comprises of two parts: the wee size projector itself and a slide wheel that holds nine 35mm images. armed with a powerful LED and focusable lenses, Projecteo is ready to project your favorite images on any wall that you can find. but first, you will need some slides to begin with which Projecteo can and will put together for you. all you have to do is logged on to Projecteo website, authorize their Instagram and choose nine of your favorite images. after which, Projecteo will developed them into a single piece of 35mm Kodak film stock and cut them into wheels before posting it to you. once you get hold of the slide (or slides), you simply slide one into the projector, turn it on and start enjoying your chosen Instagram images. this is the part that is really nostalgic – you have to rotate the slide wheel manually which adds to the fun of the viewing process and when you are done, just pull out the current slide and shove in the next. pretty cool idea and the best part is, this matchbox size projector won’t take up a chunk off your room and it is totally pocketable, so can bring it anywhere and share your favorite moments on stills with your friends, well, as long you can find a place that is dark enough. the Projecteo is on Kickstarter now and with a pledge of $25 or more, you will secure yourself a standard pack that includes a piano white Projecteo and one wheel. head on down to Projecteo project to check other pledge rewards or hit the jump for some lovely images and a pledge video.

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