iPhone, like many smartphones today, can do wonders. couple it with the right external hardware or case, it can do even more, such as becoming your personal weather station, assist you in your cooking and more. with the upcoming Exumme Embercase, you can now add hand warming to the growing list of what your iDevice can do. the case will, of course, offers your precious device the protection it needs against daily knocks and bumps. set to hit Kickstarter sometime this month (September), the Embercase features a titanium construction on the exterior, chosen for its super strong and light properties. however, we noted that titanium has a significantly lower specific heat, but this ‘weakness’ is also its strength in a hand warmer application.

Exumme Embercase Hand Warmer iPhone Case

firstly, the lower specific heat allows a more gradual heat up as opposed to sudden heat, which we are guessing it might too hot too handle – literally, and secondly, it will also dissipate heat at a slower rate, thus allowing the warm to be maintained for a longer period of time. the base is of polycarbonate and in between, a thin layer of Aerogel fabric, a material with application in thermal insulation, is introduced to prevent heat of the warmer from permeating to your iDevice. the case also contains the circuitry necessary to create the heat and also houses a 1,400 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that powers the warmer. according to Exumme, the battery is good for two hours of use and recharges through the built-in micro USB port.

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the case connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth LE and through the use of a dedicated app, it allows you to turn on and off the warmer function, as well as manage the temperature of the warmer. from the look of the prototype and render, the design aspect looks pretty promising. however, it is yet to be a reality. if you are all up for it, do keep your eyes peeled on the Exumme’s website for its Kickstarter launch. and oh, do note that the case will bring the thickness of your phone to around .47″ or 12.06mm, presumably for iPhone 5s.

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