Brookstone Big Blue Media Tower

Brookstone Big Blue Media Tower
Brookstone Big Blue Media Tower | US$399.99 |

sound bar makes a pretty good solution for poor TV audio coming out from your super slim HDTV, however, a piece of rectangular bar across and under a HDTV is not everyone’s fancy. what if you could have a vertical sound bar that you could place aside and trust it to fill your room with three-dimensional concert hall-like sound? such is what the Brookstone Big Blue Media Tower is pitching to you. developed by Brookstone Design Center, this tower fan-like 38-inch tall (96.5 cm or 3.1 feet) vertical sound bar features a 20-watt stereo speakers made up of a pair of 1.5″ tweeters and two 3″ mid-range drivers arranged in multiple offset angles (hence, the room-filling effect), a 30-watt omnidirectional powered subwoofer, optical decoding audio jack for hooking up your TV, RCA and Aux-ins for connections with other sources and last but not least, Bluetooth technology that allows your modern day, Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to wirelessly stream audio to it. hitting the stores on December 5, 2012 with a price a tag of $399.99 each.

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