Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine
Misfit Shine | from US$79.99 | www.misfitwearables.com

chances are, most of us do not have Bruce Wayne-level of wealth to afford a loyal sidekick like Alfred Pennyworth who can help in tracking our daily activities like how far we have walked, swim or pedaled. even if you had a 24-7 butler, he couldn’t possibly stick to you 24/7 and this is where the Misfit Shine will fill in that void and leaves Alfred time to clean up the ridiculously huge house of yours. anyway, Shine is a basically a wireless physical activity tracker that barely the size of a U.S. quarter and weighs less than two of them. the amazing part of this is, the device is void of buttons, no cables, no Bluetooth pairing, no recharging needed to bother about and yet it syncs with the firm’s app installed in your smartphone just by placing the Shine on the smartphone. but what exactly goes under the hood is a mystery (all we know is this tiny device uses a proprietary sensor algorithms). crafted from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Shine features a ring of tiny activity indicator lights that comes alive when you tap on it and remain unseen when the Shine is inactive. these indicator lights work in conjunction with your daily set goals and a full circle would mean that you have reached your goals. the Shine is made tough and waterproof to stand up to the daily rigors and is designed to be worn, as the maker puts it, “even when wearing next to nothing.” the Misfit Shine has taken on the crowdfunding route and is now up on INDIE GOGO seeking your support (and boy, what a support it did get!) to take this awesome gadget to the production line. for a special pledge price of $79, you will get a Shine, a clasp plus a sports wristband which will eventually retails for $148. delivery is expected to be from March 2013. hit the jump for a pledge video or learn more about this mystifying Misfit Shine HERE.

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