Venture Watch Achieves Perfect Fit With Ratchet Belt Watch Strap

When it comes to wrist watches, they are, well, just wrist watches. But not every view it so, some, for example, has frustration over the fitment of the watch on the wrist and if you are experience this frustration, you can either settle for a velcro-type strap, or you could go with the Venture Watch. […]

Watch Band With Cameras May Give Us A Reason To Buy An Apple Watch

Most mainstream smartwatch is not as ‘high-tech’ as you have imagined. One thing for sure, they are not what sci-fi movies had shown us, particularly in the communication and imaging department. When mention high-tech wrist worn device of such nature, we expect something like Dick Tracy’s watch which allows you to make two-way communication and […]

Montblanc’s E-Strap Will Turn Your Montblanc Timepiece Into A Smartwatch, Well, Kind of.

With its collaboration with Samsung on the pen/stylus hybrid, Montblanc is kind of moving towards combining tech with luxury goods. Though so, the German maker of writing instruments, watches, jewelry and leather goods is not about to mar their mechanical timepieces with tech, well, so to speak. But how do you make a mechanical watch […]

This Smart Wristband Will Turn Any Watch Into A Smartwatch

Not everyone wears a watch, let alone a smartwatch and for everyone else who wears a timepiece, not everyone is willing to forgo their five-figures luxury watch for a geeky wearable. Well, we have good news for this bunch of folks. No wait. In fact, this good news goes out to everyone who refuses to […]

This Wristband Will Start Recording Your Shows When You Fall Asleep in Front of the TV

How many times have you fallen asleep while watching your favorite TV shows? It happens and it sucks to be waiting for reruns or buying DVDs for it, but that could be a thing of the past with the KipstR wristband. The mere mention of ‘wristband’ would probably conjure up the image of a fitness […]

Misfit Introduces New Activity and Sleep Tracker That Does Not Require Charging, Cost Just $50

while one part of the market is brooding over fraudulent crowdfunding campaigns, Misfit is one of the many examples that uses crowdfunding platform as a springboard to successfully launch a startup business. their first product, an activity tracker called Shine, made a killing when it was on Indiegogo nearly two years ago and today, the […]

Lack Of The Discipline To Exercise? This Fitness Band Will Shock You Into Doing It

fitness tracker is supposed to track and guide you on your way to a more healthy lifestyle through exercising, which is an awesome concept, but tracking and more tracking is as far as it can do. it is after all, a passive coach, which if one lacks of the discipline to go about exercising, the […]

iewei Wellness Wristband

your impression of a health tracker probably includes monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure and the likes. however, there is one device that is coming onto the market known as iewei Wellness Wristband that wants you to take notice of an often ignored health risk: electromagnetic radiation presents in EMF (electronic magnetic field).

Sony SmartBand SWR10 with Lifelog App

seriously, how many people are into logging everything they do each day? i, for one, am not a fan of such ‘journalist’ approach to my life, but for everyone else who does, there is the Sony SmartBand SWR10 with Lifelog App to help to do just that. the SmartBand is essentially an activity…