what you see here is the bēm Wireless Speaker Band, a Bluetooth speaker that takes portability to a whole new level by slapping it on your wrist like a watch. the bēm Wireless Speaker Band is not only the most portable speaker in the bēm’s lineup to date, but possibly the most portable in the market. it is designed to be worn on the wrist as an extension to your smartphone, letting you dispense with the need for headphones while still able to safely and quickly answer calls when on-the-move. it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology and features built-in microphone for speakerphone functionality. the wristband is compatible with most voice recognition apps and has a built-in battery for up to six hours of usage in between charges.

according to the press details, it even has a caller ID function which allows you to screen the calls before answering, though we didn’t see any display on the wristband – it does however has a few hard buttons on the sides of the device for skipping tracks, play/pause music and answering/rejecting of calls, and also a power button sitting alongside a micro USB port for recharging the device. the speaker band has a soft-touch finish and comes in six hues, including black, white, blue, red, gray and green, to suit individual fashion taste. first showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show early last month, the bēm Wireless Speaker Band is now available for pre-order for a limited time on Prelaunch with an asking price of $49.99 a pop.

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bēm Wireless Speaker Band

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