bēm Wireless Speaker Band

what you see here is the bēm Wireless Speaker Band, a Bluetooth speaker that takes portability to a whole new level by slapping it on your wrist like a watch. the Speaker Band is not only the most portable speaker in the bēm’s lineup to date, but possibly the most portable in the market.

bēm Kickstand Portable Projector

seriously, we won’t try to sell you the idea that you need a portable projector in your gadget life, but if you ever needed one for occasions such as console gaming party at your friend’s cave, a family movie screening et cetera, the bēm Kickstand Portable Projector might worthy of your consideration. sporting a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, this fit-into-briefcase portable

bēm x The Public Zoo Portable Bluetooth Speakers

need to inject a little cuteness into your portable music? well, then we suggest you look to the bēm x The Public Zoo Portable Bluetooth Speakers, a special collaboration speaker by art fashion outfit The Public Zoo and speaker maker bēm. these cuties feature a built-in rechargeable battery good for around 6 hours of usage

bēm Boom Box Portable Bluetooth Speaker

miss those good old days where you used to strut down the beachside with a stereo boombox on your shoulder? now you can relive those moments with the bēm Boom Box Portable Bluetooth Speaker. but of course, gone are the days of cassette tapes and hefty sized system, and in comes an equally befitting

bēm wireless Outlet Speaker

regardless of how compact and portable speakers are, they still do occupy a space on your valuable desk or tabletop. so, if you are looking for a true untethered audio streaming that keeps thing off your desk, the bēm wireless Outlet Speaker might just be the answer. the bēm wireless Outlet Speaker is, essentially, a minimalist Bluetooth speaker

bēm wireless Speaker Trio Wireless Speakers

this one for music-loving, clutter-phobic folks who are absolutely adamant about style. the bēm wireless Speaker Trio Wireless Speakers, as the name suggests, is a multi-room speaker system. so what makes the Speaker Trio so special? first off, they are aesthetically-pleasing together or as individuals…