bēm wireless Speaker Trio Wireless Speakers

bēm wireless Speaker Trio Wireless Speakers - Black
this one for music-loving, clutter-phobic folks who are absolutely adamant about style. the bēm wireless Speaker Trio Wireless Speakers, as the name suggests, is a multi-room speaker system. so what makes the Speaker Trio so special? first off, they are aesthetically-pleasing together or as individuals and second, each individual speaker is rechargeable at its base via conductive charging (not as uber cool as inductive but it will do), which we think is nothing less than super cool. the trio of speakers nest neatly on the base for charging and when they are ready to go, just place them separately in the desired rooms and start streaming audio wirelessly for up to 125 feet (38 meters). we know what you are thinking: ‘how is it possible for Bluetooth to go to such distance?’ you are right, it can’t. however, the cool part is, you actually stream your favorite tunes wirelessly via Bluetooth to its base and this base in turns, relay them to the speakers to make the extra feet. clever. so, neat conductive charging and up to 125 feet of wireless streaming are good enough reasons for this speaker system be on any clutter-phobic folks’ want-list. other features include touch-sensitive buttons, auto pair capable, auxiliary in and out and the aesthetic-feel, it has a cool bottom glow lighting and a soft-touch finish. available now in a choice of black or white hue for $299.99 per set. if you happen to be at Vegas now, you can catch bēm wireless Speaker Trio Wireless Speakers, along with a few other new offerings at the 2013 International CES (booth #71035, Venetian Grand Hall on January 7 to 11, 2013).

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