fashion statement with personal 3D glasses: LOOK3D glasses

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everyone is going 3D these days – everything from cinema to home theater system to camera. 3D has never seen such a rage before (still remember JAWS 3D?), until now. since everything is going to be 3D, why not grab a pair of personal 3D glasses? having your own pair means no nasty surprises if the cinema didn’t get those 3D glasses cleaned properly.

LOOK3D has a huge collections of 3D glasses – with a fashion statement. there are the “designer collection”, the “movie collection”, the “directors collection” and last but not least, the “disposable”. it caters to all forms and taste, ranging from retro-chic to funky-styled. go ahead, take your pick.

the LOOK3D glasses are compatible with any cinema using RealD 3D technology. no words on the prices though. strangely, on their website’s main page, there’s a “out top selling frames”. may i ask, top selling to who? in anyway, there’s an upcoming online store to watch for.

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