feeling not geek enough? slip on a pair of Keyboard Slippers [update]

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KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers | US$29.00 | www.keyboardslipper.com

what can be more appropriate for a geek then to flip flop around with a pair of keyboards under your feet? while the real keyboard might be a tad too bulky and heavy to do so, this pair of KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers is definitely up to the task. it is also worthy to note that a real keyboard doesn’t have anything for your feet to strap on to. no mention on what it is made from but it is safe to assume that they are of rubber material and the ‘keyboard keys’ doubles as a foot massager while you straddle around in your office. available in a choice of color combos – black/yellow, black/red and black/dark blue et cetera, the KITO slippers weights a hefty 350 to 450 grams and has sizes that ranges from 36 thru to 43. the KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers retails at $29, which is very much cheaper than a single real keyboard. go ahead and prove that there’s still a geek in you. oh, there is even a new version of this fun slippers, called KITO Keyboard 2.1 which spots a range of cheerful hues – but less keyboard-like. check out the hilarious Thai commercial for the KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers after the break.

[UPDATE] KITO Keyboard slippers has new website! check them out!

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