sweet audition: Pioneer XW-NAS5 dock for iPod/iPhone

Pioneer XW-NAS5 Dock 544px
(photo credit: pioneer.com.sg) Pioneer XW-NAS5 Dock | S$699.00 | www.pioneer.com.sg

Pioneer has several docks for iPod and iPhones but this audition series dock looks the most stunning. the XW-NAS5 is a 2.1-Channel Speaker System with two 15 watts front facing speakers and a 30 watts down-firing subwoofer. it is Bluetooth-ready for wireless music transmission from A2DP profile Bluetooth-enabled PCs and mobile phones (requires an adapter).

the XW-NAS5 is certified with “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” which means it will work with any recent models of iPod and iPhones. some docks go the analog way but the XW-NAS5 features a true digital connection to your iPod and iPhones. if going wireless via Bluetooth is your choice, then there’s a good news: it will work with A2DP enabled mobiles including iPhone, Blackberry, Android handsets and other smartphone.

other features include a double-isolated enclosure that eliminates cabinet resonance, FM radio with 10 presets, ambient soundscapes and LED clock with alarm functions. this metallic silver clad sound dock has a credit-card sized remote. connectivity include component and composite video out, mini-stereo plug and Bluetooth adapter port.

not only we have tons of iPad cases going around, looks like sound docks are plentiful too. we are just so lucky, don’t you think so? the only thing left to do now is to consult our wallets.

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