SOUL SL300 by Tim Tebow Headphones

SOUL SL300 by Tim Tebow Headphones
on the surface, if you think Tim Tebow as a mere NFL player, then he has nothing remotely in common with an audiophile-grade audio cans but when you think Tebow as football player who represents strength and perseverance, and also one who uses a pair of trusty cans to escape from the rigor of daily training – then, that’s a different story. and that different story turns out to be the SOUL SL300 by Tim Tebow Headphones, a collaboration between the man himself and SOUL Electronics. splashed in bright blue and white colorways handpicked by Tebow, this pair of limited edition cans features a sleek monocoque design that has no visible hinges, a military engineer-developed active noise-cancellation technology, advanced driver and circuitry design for superb bass, clear mids and highs, a collapsible design for ease of storage and transportation, full ear cup articulation for comfy fit and a detachable, tangle-free audio cable with a sweat-resistance Apple inline remote. also included in this $299.95 (special introductory price $224.95) package is an additional standard tangle-free audio cable for those who prefer to do without the remote.

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