Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Dock

Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Dock
by now, some of you may have amassed a number of Apple small devices such as the iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPhone and the likes. perhaps, as an individual person you may not own it all but we are certain that with your household combined, the iDevices would have account for quite a portion of the gadgets in the house. instead heading straight for the super-clutter wall of fame (or shame?), the new Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Dock might be able to offer some clutter-relieve for you (or your household’s) multi-iDevice lifestyle. it is a countertop charging and storage solution that can accommodate up to five iPads. it features five charging bays, each large enough to fit an iPad even with the “largest case” on. other key features include built-in cable management to tuck away the cables when not in use, keeping the dock neat and tidy, and the dock is equipped with Griffin’s new ChargeSensor technology that senses the power requirements of the devices plugged into it, thereby providing the optimal charging for any USB-chargeable devices. you heard that right – we said any USB-chargeable devices, which also means that this handy little desktop charging miracle can also handle gadgets such as Kindle and Android devices. dream come true for neat-freaks like us? we say ‘aye’ to that. arriving this Spring for $99.99 a pop. before that, Griffin Technology will also be putting this new baby in the limelight at the 2013 International CES, along with the rest of the new power management devices.

Griffin Technology via Laptop Mag

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