Griffin App-enabled Toaster Lets You Dictate The Outcome Of Your Toasts

Good news, toasted bread connoisseurs! How you savor that delicious, crispy dough-based food is going to change forever – thanks to Griffin Technology Connected Toaster. This full-featured digital toaster works with a companion app via Bluetooth to ensure your toasts turn out exactly as you have envisioned. This two-slot toaster is equipped with digital temperature […]

Here Are Two Alternatives That Will Put MagSafe Back To MacBook Pro

We understand the importance of innovation but perhaps, Apple didn’t realize that innovation does not mean removing things that actually works. That’s pretty damn frustrating, if you ask me. Yes. We are talking about the elimination of the super user-friendly, super ‘safe’ and arguably, the best feature of MacBook, MagSafe found on MacBook prior to […]

Griffin New PowerDock Pro Is Sleeker And Packs More Power

Until the day comes when one device could do it all, we will have to live with multiple mobile devices. Then again, not many folks own more than a smartphone and a tablet, but if you happen to own more than two, or you have a family with multiple devices, then Griffin PowerDock Pro could […]

Griffin Outs Keychain-sized Travel Power Bank That Can Recharge Apple Watch Four Times

Apple conceded that Apple Watch has to be charged daily, a gadget scenario that’s clearly less than ideal. If you are heavy user, 18 hours battery life is not going to be 18 hours. So, instead of lugging a charger and wall adapter around, Griffin proposed a keychain-sized power bank that will supply your Apple […]

Griffin’s BreakSafe Cable Puts MagSafe Back Into New MacBooks

With the new MacBooks, Apple ditched MacBook-saving MagSafe in favor of USB-C, a port which you use for everything, including charging and video output. Clearly, a single port isn’t going to cut it, but that perhaps is not the biggest concern among MacBook users; the biggest concern is, tripping over the cable will no longer […]

This is Cove, Griffin’s Solution to Cable Clutter Attributed by the Plethora of Gadgets You May Own

Cable clutter. A modern day problem that, no matter how hard we try to eradicate, still lingers. Unless true wireless charging becomes truly wireless, it looks like cable clutter is here to stay. Well, not that there aren’t any real world solutions to this lingering issue; there are. The question is: do they look as […]

Griffin Introduces a Handsome Pedestal-style Dock for Apple Watch, Cost Just $29.99

Now that the Apple Watch is official, we are guessing a lot of fans are already scouring the Internet for the most handsome accessories to go with it. And since the 18-hour or so battery life means you will likely have charge it daily, then we think a dock or something along the line is […]

Griffin Introduces New Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier, Adds Wirelessly Streaming Capability

Truth be told, the market is chockfull of wireless streamer, but what actually makes the all-new Griffin Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier stands out lies in its versatility. Debuted at CES earlier this month, Twenty is a follow up to company’s first Twenty introduced some two years back. This new iteration is of course, more refined […]

These Unique Tablet Stands Are Fashioned Out of Century Old Railroad Track

If you’re the type who love to stand out with the products and accessories you use, then we’re very sure these tablet stands made from reclaimed railroad tracks will be of an interest to you. Handcrafted by Nashville-based Rail Yard Studios and presented by accessory maker Griffin, these tablet stands are made from actual rail […]

Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth

fancy a more ‘high tech’ way of creating movie and music on your Mac? no. not the magic trackpad, and its ‘magical’ counterpart, the magic mouse doesn’t quite count too, but there is an accessory that will let you do so and it is this sleek, aluminum-crafted job dial known as Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth.