Now that the Apple Watch is official, we are guessing a lot of fans are already scouring the Internet for the most handsome accessories to go with it. And since the 18-hour or so battery life means you will likely have charge it daily, then we think a dock or something along the line is a must. If so, the Griffin WatchStand Charging and Display Dock for Apple Watch might be worthy of your consideration. We thought it looks pretty sleek, well, at least on photos. Plus, it only cost $29.99 when it becomes available this Summer. This pedestal-style dock requires you to insert Apple’s original MagSafe cable that comes with the Apple Watch through the center of the post, but that’s pretty all you need to do and you’re good to go.

Griffin WatchStand Charging and Display Dock for Apple Watch

The charging area is intentionally designed angled so that you will have a good viewing angle when the watch is being juiced and it has a weighted base for stability. The base features a curled lip upfront, doubling as a resting place for your iPhone too. Being pedestal-style means the dock will play well with both semi-flexible and fully flexible bands, and also the there will be no worry about the watch slipping off since the MagSafe connector’s magnet will hold it firmly in place as it charges. Looks pretty neat, I must say, but could it be a little too tall? Perhaps, Griffin have considered that you might be placing a larger phone underneath and hence the high pedestal form? Not sure. You can learn more or signup to be informed of its availability at the product page HERE.

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Griffin WatchStand Charging and Display Dock for Apple Watch

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