To everyday consumers, Huawei is probably known for its mobile devices, but today, or rather, a couple of days ago, that changes as the China telecom giant introduces a line of laptops called MateBook. If don’t already know, this is the first foray into laptop market for Huawei and with many gadgets coming out of China of late, they are looking pretty sleek. Or should I say, a little MacBook-ish kind of sleek. The line up, which includes a 13-inch fanless laptop (Huawei MateBook X), a 2-in-1 (Huawei MateBook E) and a 15.6-inch portable (Huawei MateBook D), is slated to be available in summer 2017 for 700-1699 euros, depending on the models and configurations.

The star of the announced is clearly the MateBook X which Huawei has provided with more details. This fanless 13-inch portable gets a choice of 7th-generation Intel Core processor, up to i7 and boast features like 8GB RAM, up to 512GB SSD, Huawei Space Cooling Technology, a 2K display with Corning Gorilla Glass and “eye comfort technology,” a 41.1 Wh battery, a fingerprint-ready power button with encrypted chip, and Dolby Atmos Sound System that promised to deliver enhanced surround sound with “immersive overhead audio” pumped out by its built-in Dolby co-designed speakers.

Built aspects, MateBook X is said to be “applied” with “Microencapsulated Phase Change Material” used in aerospace industry that supposedly, allows for the fanless design to be possible. Or something like that. Finally, the X also touts a pretty insane (in a good way, that is) screen-to-body ratio, coming in at 88 precent that result in bezels that are no more than 4.4 mm wide. The Huawei MateBook X is, of course, powered by the latest Windows 10, as are the E and the D.

Speaking of which, both the E and D also flaunts pretty awesome screen-to-body ratio, coming in at 84 precent and 83-percent, respectively. The D, in addition, touts a wide 178-degree view angle, along with i5 or i7 processors, 8GB RAM, up to 128GB SSD plus 1TB HDD storage, optional NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Graphics, and Dolby Atmos Sound System. Apart from having 2-in-1 capability and sexy narrow bezels, the E also features a new Folio Keyboard that’s adjustable up to 160 degrees, a choice of i5 or m3 processors, up to 8GB RAM, up to 256GB SSD, and a 2K touch display.

Everything looks pretty sound with Huawei’s first laptops, but how well it be received by consumers remain to be seen. I, for one, am pretty pumped about the X. Clearly I am hopeless when it comes to super narrow bezel, but the price may deter me somewhat, with the top of line model commanding a hefty €1,699 (US$1,910) sticker. Or maybe I should look at the ‘lesser’ model which is asking for €1,399 (US$1,570)? Product intro video awaits after the break.

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Images: Huawei.

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