Good news, toasted bread connoisseurs! How you savor that delicious, crispy dough-based food is going to change forever – thanks to Griffin Technology Connected Toaster. This full-featured digital toaster works with a companion app via Bluetooth to ensure your toasts turn out exactly as you have envisioned. This two-slot toaster is equipped with digital temperature adjustment which allows you to dial in your preferences like the bread type, darkness,and what not. Once set, the app remembers your preferences so you’d be getting the exact same toast every time.

Griffin Technology Connected Toaster sure sounds like a brilliant kitchen gadget for toast-loving me, but will this smart toaster solve the age-old issue of toasts getting over toasted after conservative toasting? Toaster users will know exactly what I mean. If you don’t here’s what happen in conventional, non-digital temperature control toasters: the first set of toasts is usually paler than usual due to the heating element not warmed up yet, but as the heating elements get hotter and hotter, the subsequent toasts become darker and darker. Sometimes even resulting in charred toasts.

That is probably the most frustrating thing with toasters prior to the development of digital temperature control and the Griffin Technology Connected Toaster merely take it further by giving you the liberty to dictate the outcome of your toasts and popping out the exact same result every time. Frivolous or brilliant? Well, it is definitely brilliant to me. Griffin Technology Connected Toaster is expected to retail for $99.99 when it becomes available in Q2 2017.

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Image: Griffin Technology.

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