innovation is the last thing that comes to mind for an axe, but here it is, the VIPUKIRVES Axe that is set to change the way how we slay those tenacious log for our firewoods. we shan’t go into the technical details – all you have to know that the unusual axe head, together with the lop-sided blade rides on the physic theory of leverage, thus enabling you to swiftly and easily split up the wood. however, there’s a catch here: getting the result that the VIPUKIRVES Axe promised requires a certain method of chopping and that’s requiring you to loosen your grip on the handle when the blade strikes the wood. yeah. we know that sounds kind of crazy (to loosen the grip on an impacting tool), but that is totally essential for the axe to get the full lever effect (it kind of “turns” in your palms). so having a firm grip would be restricting the intended motion, thus lessen the lever effect. btw, this is also why the axe handle is crafted in a more rounded fashion, in order to facilitate the turning or twisting motion.

according to VIPUKIRVES, this lever effect is capable of achieving a splitting force many times greater than that of conventional axes. moreover, this principle of leverage also means you never have to face with the blade getting lodged in the wood ever again. clever, indeed. however, it looks like only serious firewood splitter needs to apply, as this unconventional axe is by no means conventional in price – it will set you back at €193.12, or about 260 US dollars. hit past the jump for a few more look and while you are there, you might want to check out an old clip of the VIPUKIRVES Axe in action.

VIPUKIRVES via Uncrate

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