want to do something for the environment while enjoying your favorite tunes privately? Urbanears has just the right audio cans for you. meet the Urbanears Re:Plattan Headphones. it is the Plattan that you know with a couple of green credentials to go with it. the unique appearance of the Urbanears Re:Plattan Headphones is the result of pulling in the unused parts from previous collections (hence, the colorway patchwork), instead of sending them (the unused parts) into the bins which translates to less waste generated and therefore, generally, a good thing for the environment.

additionally, with each pair of Re:Plattan headphones you purchased, it comes with a 5m² rainforest. well, you don’t actually own a piece of the rainforest per say, but instead, each pair of Re:Plattan comes with GPS coordinates for five square meters of rainforest in Costa Rica that will be protected with your purchase. so, the more Re:Plattan flies off the shelf, the larger portion of the rainforest will be protected. you can even check on the little area that you have contributed in protecting through Pax website by entering your unique personal ID that comes with the cans you bought.

other features include tangle-resistant fabric cord, inline remote with integrated microphone for use with most mobile devices, Urbanears’ ZoundPlug for instant music sharing, and a collapsible design for easy storage and portability. the Urbanears Re:Plattan Headphones is available now for just $79.90 a pair. scroll down for a few more awesome look, as well as a product video.

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