Urbanears Plattan Harris Tweed Headphones

Urbanears Plattan Harris Tweed Headphones
Urbanears Plattan Harris Tweed Headphones | US$110.00 | www.urbanears.com

however beautiful is your pair of audio cans, it is still of plastic and metal construction to which we wouldn’t say it is a fashion statement and it would be even harder to describe them as ‘thrown back’ or ‘classic’. however, with the Urbanears Plattan Harris Tweed Headphones, we are glad to say that it might just have any fashion aficionados’ nod of approval and with the Harris Tweed infusion, it could very be described as having a ‘thrown back’ look or classy fashion statement. this edition of the Plattan is wrapped in hand-woven Harris Tweed made from 100 percent virgin wool (don’t ask us how to determine that) and you can wear this Scottish pride high and proudly, with your head in between it. it is really quite a looker but it is no bimbo (or himbo, depends on how you look at it). this pair of on-ear headphones is still the trusty Urbanears cans you have come to expect and features handmade 40mm drivers, a fabric cord that resist tangle, collapsible design for ease of storage and portability, inline microphone and remote that works with devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC et cetera and ZoundPlug for some ‘legal file-sharing’ by letting you hookup another pair of headphones so that your pal and you can immerse in the music together. well, if you have lots of pals with the Urbanears, then more of them could join in the fun. isn’t that great? no justice department or pesky lawyers will be after you, guaranteed. and with a sticker of just $110 a pair, it certainly won’t burn your fun away. check out a cool product video after the break.

Urbanears via GQ UK

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