Griffin x Harris Tweed iPhone Cases

add a touch of Scottish charm to your iPhone 5 and 5s while protecting your precious handset from knocks and bumps with the Griffin x Harris Tweed iPhone Cases. choose between the Harris Tweed Wallet and the Harris Tweed Case, each featuring luxury woolen fabric that hails from the islands of the Outer Hebrides off

Harris Tweed Toiletry Bag by Catherine Aitken

the most pain in the ass thing about traveling is not the luggage itself, but it is the toiletry which no man can live without. it is something that you will need even if you are ‘bunking’ at an airport terminal. and since you can’t escape that fact, you might as well treat your toiletries the best by containing them in a classically-stylish

Urbanears Plattan Harris Tweed Headphones

however beautiful is your pair of audio cans, it is still of plastic and metal construction to which we wouldn’t say it is a fashion statement and it would be even harder to describe them as ‘thrown back’ or ‘classic’. however, with the Urbanears Plattan Harris Tweed Headphones, we are glad to say that it might…