We wrote far too many weird news/products that sometimes, we think to ourselves that we are better off turning this tech culture and lifestyle stuff blog into a bizarre news central. Then again, this one of the today’s few bizarre news/products, is a gadget. Make sure you are seated for this, alright? So, here goes. A British company Julz has recently rock the Internet with a, wait for it… a wearable penis camera. Yes. You read that right. A camera for your dick.

Wearable Penis Camera by Julz

Aptly called The Cock Cam, or The Cock Camera, it is exactly what it says it is. Actually no. You know it is camera that man, or woman with a strap-on, wears on the manhood or dildo to record his/her erotic moment with a point-of-view of the penis/dildo. What it didn’t tell you is, it also serves a cock ring for maintaining erection. Seriously, I kid you not. OK. Julz did not specifically mention that part, but it did say it will “keep you harder for longer.” Though not sure it is the pressure of the ring or from the thrill of recording your own sex act with your dick’s point of view.

Wearable Penis Camera by Julz

So, yeah, it is a sex accessory and a sex action cam rolled into one. That said, I am hereby obliged to tag this article with “wearable tech” since it is a fact that it is “wearable.” Anyways… as far as features go, it features “stretchy yet tight silicone cock ring, records in 1080p, H.264 in MP4 format, built-in WiFi for controlling the camera with a free secure app (with emphasis on ‘secure’), a lithium rechargeable battery good for 90 minutes of use, and night vision capability.

Wearable Penis Camera by Julz

According to CNET, The Cock Camera stores your footage on your smartphone. Since there’s no cloud involved, the only risks you have is your own hardware. In case you find the burning need to see it in action, there’s a NSFW-ish first-person-view video demonstrated by a base jumper with a strap-on dildo. You are out of luck if you need to see a real dick in action. In that case, you’d have to buy a unit to give it a go yourself. And it is not cheap, btw.

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The Cock Camera retails for $221. Oh, we forgot to mention that the camera unit can be removed from the silicone cock ring thingy, so you can use it as regular bedroom action camera (it comes with an external stand for you to do so), or however you want to use it.

Wearable Penis Camera by Julz

Images: Julz.

Source: CNET.

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