Samsung Concept Balance Mouse

Most employees wished they could get off work on time. Businesses, on the other hand, rather they would sell their soul to the company. But credit card company Samsung Card was promoting a work-life balance and this concept mouse, dubbed Balance Mouse, was what creative agency INNORED and design studio BKID came up with.

Samsung Concept Balance Mouse

It is a regular old wireless mouse that has a design that looks literally like a mouse. The campaign was from two years ago (2018), btw. I know what you are thinking. It’s a slow day for news. Well, maybe. But tell me that a mouse that literally runs away when the clock strike 6PM does not pique your interest.

That’s right. The balance mouse will physically run away if you try to work after office hours. Before that, the mouse will “raise up” as the left and right buttons, as well as the tail flip to prevent the user from holding it. As it senses the hand is approaching, the mouse will actively avoid being held on.

Samsung Concept Balance Mouse

That wasn’t it. Even if an adamant workaholic maniacs (by choice or otherwise) managed to “capture” it, the mouse will detach itself from the shell and proceed to escape from the user.

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It probably won’t stop a true workaholic unless it can jump off the table and run out of the building. Obviously, the balance mouse can’t do that, but that’s not the point. The point is to emphasize the importance of work life balance, probably much to the dismay of some businesses.

Images: BKID via Behance.

Source: Luxury Launches.