In today’s digital ecosystem, we’re well aware that websites are the key to exposure and sales in the online world. Social media might help with exposure, but it’s on your website that you’ll be able to express yourself or your brand and make the sales that will drive your profits.

The below tips will consider how you can make a show-stopping website this year – replete with all the features that web users have come to expect from their online experience.

How To Create a Show-Stopping Website From Scratch

Using Templates
If you’re on a small budget and looking to make a website for your small business, your non-profit, or for your own personal use, then it’s recommended that you use templates to build your first website. Unless you’re a programmer or a web designer, you’re going to struggle to make a website without their useful guard rails. With templates provided by the likes of WordPress, you can:

  • Optimize all of your content for laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Buy and use stunning designs that were initially created by high-quality, professional web designers.
  • Add features like micro-animations to help install a little character and flair to your pages.
  • Enhance your content with fine fonts, pictures, and illustrations throughout your website.

Use this method if you’re on a shoestring budget, and you’re looking to build your website quickly.

Using Web Designers
For those with a larger budget and more time on their hand to create something truly special, the only route to a show-stopping website is by hiring a team of professionals to work on your URL with you. Look to this New York website development firm to give you some idea of the skills on offer and the case studies that these agencies have worked on previously.

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This option is perfect for medium-sized companies or those looking to make an impressive website for their personal promotional purposes. The process of designing a website with professionals is simple: you consult with them on your desired website, and they’ll involve you in every decision along the path of development – co-creating your show-stopping website with you over a few weeks.

Learning to Code
Finally, this option should only be considered by those with a wealth of time on their hands and the cash to support their skills acquisition over many months. Happily, hundreds of online resources are available to help you slowly learn how to create a website – but this is a process that will take time, as learning to code is equitable with learning a new language from scratch.

Of course, the benefit of coding your own website is that you have complete creative control over your web development aspects. This means that you’re able to create a website in the image you’ve been picturing all along – and you’ll the know backend intimately for when you want to make changes on your site.

These three options will help you build a stunning website from scratch this year – for personal promotion or help your business achieve greater exposure and higher sales.

Featured photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash.

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