Are you a self-righteous cat owner who think that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un deserves to be by mauled by a tiger? If yes, well then, congrats. Your decision to own a kitty is the best one yet because, your feline friend, though not a tiger, may unleashed its claws on dear Kim on your behalf… with the Kim Jong Un Cat Scratching Post.

Kim Jong Un Cat Scratching Post

I kid you not. This is a thing and somehow, we did not catch this product from Pussycat Riot when it went viral six years ago. It may be six years old now, but reassure it is still available and also yes, it is totally a thing you can buy.

Basically, the Kim Jong Un Cat Scratching Post is a rope-wrapped scratch post with a human shape post topped with a 3D printed head of the North Korean leader. The body shape, though, it not quite applicable today.

Kim Jong Un Cat Scratching Post

Anyways, if Putin is your target, Pussycat Riot also has a Vladimir Putin version. Oh, wait. We forgot to mention a very critical detail: you ought to be good damn rich if you want the Kim Jong Un Cat Scratching Post because, each unit will smack you with a £4,500 bill.

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Four thousand five hundred quid! That’s a healthy 5,820 greenbacks in today’s money. Your hatred for them has to be deeper than Mariana Trench to be wanting to drop that kind of money for this scratch post.

Vladimir Putin Cat Scratching Post

Images: Pussycat Riot.

Source: This Is Why I’m Broke.

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