Matt Reeves’ The Batman Movie Batcycle

We just want to direct your attention to the Batcycle that will appear on Matt Reeves’ The Batman – if you haven’t already caught wind of it. We already seen the exposed engine Batmobile earlier this year, but as it turns out, the purported Batcycle was seen much earlier.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman Movie Batcycle

Why the Batcycle is important, you may ask. Well, since the plot isn’t known, the Batcycle could be hint of the overall setup of the movie. As you can see, the Batcycle looks, well, like a regular bike. Nothing fancy.

Anywho… if the photos circulated earlier this year is indeed the Batman‘s two-wheeler, it could signal a closer-to-fan’s-heart cape crusader and not some overly high-tech dude who moves in the shadow with a ridiculously oversized cape (I’m looking at you Christopher Nolan).

Matt Reeves’ The Batman Movie Batcycle

I am not a fan of Nolan’s gloom-and-doom Dark Knight, but I do appreciate the gadgetry – especially the Batmobile and the Batcycle. The Batwing, though, not so much.

With the new closer-to-real-life Batmobile and the Batcycle, we can expect something a lot more closer to reality. Well, not that Gotham is real. What I am trying to say is, it could be closer to the early days of Batman that made us fans. You know, a bit of gadgets and more of investigative stuff.

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Then again, I do not have high hopes after watching the first teaser trailer earlier this year. I can’t help but to feel like its has the gloom-and-doom formula, but with a dash of goth in it, of course.

Oh well. We shall see. And see we only will in 2022.

Image credits: Backgrid via Jezebel/Mikhail Villarreal via Rideapart/Web Bike World.