Just when we thought Balenciaga is done with weird fashion, we saw this, this t-shirt from the Spanish fashion house. Actually, we should really refer it to as shirts because, as you can see, it is a t-shirt that has a checkered long sleeves stuck to the front. Hence, the name T-Shirt Shirt (not a typo). Yup. The world of high fashion is clearly in the forbidden zone somewhere deep inside the City of a Thousand Planets. Let me reiterate: this is two men’s top-in-one. Balenciaga described it as “striped short sleeves and long sleeves shirts with two wearing options.”

Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt

Instead of magical, morphing shirt (like color changing, for example) as you may have come to expect from future fashion, this designer shirt has a shirt looped over a tee. Brilliant. I was being sarcastic, btw. The most bizarre part is, both shirt is wearable. So, you can wear a long sleeve shirt with a tee hanging behind like some budget superhero wannabe, or you could wear the tee and have a long sleeves hanging upfront like, I don’t know? A mad person? Maybe? Whichever way you choose to wear, Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt is sure weird as f@*k.

Even weirder is, it is actually available for purchase, for a princely sum of $1,290. Ouch! But hey, it is for two shirts, is it not? So technically each shirt is “just” $645. A steal! In case you are up for it, you can pre-order it on Balenciaga website. Shipping is expected to happen by July 30, 2018. And NO, this is not an expired April’s Fool Day prank. Unfortunately. In case you do commit to joining the Balenciaga weird fashion regiment, I promised I won’t judge.

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Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt

Images: Balenciaga.

via Luxury Launches.

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