QC Terme Thunderstorm-themed Spa Room

If you consider being inside a thunderstorm, drenched in heavy rain – complete with thunder and lightning – therapeutic, spa and resort establishment QC Terme, has just the sort of thing for you. The best part of this unique spa experience is that there is no risk of being struck by lightning because it is just audio and visual.

QC Terme Thunderstorm-themed Spa Room

The thunderstorm-themed spa room is one of the many themed spas QC Terme has to offer and it has gotten to be the most usual. Unusual because some people get really freaked out by thunder clapping and lightning. But I guess if some hate it, there are bound to have people who love it.

Anyhoo, details surrounding the bizarre spa room are scarce. However, according to some Redditors and a short posted on Reddit, we learned that the room is in a constant heavy downpour (sort of black cloud overhead but nothing bad luck) and it has a screen wall playing back visual of a thunderstorm – complete with the requisite lightning and sound system to launch the barrage of thunderclaps.

It really is a one-of-a-kind spa experience. If you have time, you may pick up a few more details over on Reddit, or explore the establishment’s official website to learn more.

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Images: Reddit (u/1q8b).

via The Awesomer.