If you think a motorcycle powered by a V8 automobile engine is like hugging a V8 engine, well then, the Hoss Fly V8 Powered Barstool would be sitting on a V8 engine because it literally is.

Hoss Fly V8 Powered Barstool

The Hoss Fly V8 Powered Barstool, which first surfaced about 5 years ago, has in recent months made headlines again when it went on the block at Mecum Auction.

For those who don’t already know, the Hoss Fly V8 Powered Barstool is literally a V8 engine on wheels. It is no different from it when it was in the engine bay of a Chevrolet, just that it does not have a chassis, body, and interior.

Everything that is required to make it roll is attached directly to the engine, including the adorable go-kart wheels, upright steering, and a, well, barstool sit which is directly on the air cleaner.

Flanking the tiny seat is a pair of the air filter and further down on either side are a bank of cat-free exhaust pipes.

Hoss Fly V8 Powered Barstool

TBH, it does not look like the safest ride. I mean, just look how high up you did be seated and on an ergonomic-less seat with nothing to strap you in. Also, the fact that the steering is 100% perpendicular to the steering column which is 100% 90-degree to the floorpan (if it even has one!), makes it look like a less than ideal ergonomic for quick maneuvering.

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Thankfully, it is not designed to go fast. It tops out at 25 mph (40 km/h) and is probably lesser if you max out its towing capacity of 2,000 lbs (907 kilograms). Yes, it can tow too.

Then again, I don’t think it will take 25 mph to get you killed on this ride if you are not careful enough. Don’t get me wrong. It is a cool ride but like guns, it could be deadly when in the wrong hands. You know what I am saying…

If you are keen, the Hoss Fly V8 Powered Barstool can be had as a kit for both small blocks and big blocks with a starting price of US$8,900. The engine is NOT included. Hit up the Hoss Fly website for details.

Hoss Fly V8 Powered Barstool

Images: Hoss Fly/Mecum.

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