Summer is officially on and for folks who are thinking about how to turn heads at the pools or beaches, here’s a pair of swimming briefs that will let you do just that. Wait. Swim brief is still a thing, right? Never mind if it isn’t because “Jeado” will make it a thing again.

Jeans Speedo Denim Print Swim Brief

“Jeados” is a wordplay on the words “jeans” and “speedo” because it is a pair of, ermm, “jean speedo”? Obviously, the material isn’t actual denim. That would be silly. Instead, it is a regular swim brief material but with an ultra-realistic print that made it look like jeans.

The Jeados that we found on Amazon is not the first. A couple of years ago, swimwear maker Shinesty introduced 3D denim print swimwear, including a swim brief, a one-piece and two-piece “jeankinis” swimsuits.

Jeans Speedo Denim Print Swim Brief
Top: Jeados version. Above: Shinesty version.

We do not know if Jeandos and Shinesty are related. Likely not, judging from the price difference between the two.

The Jeados is going for US$19.99 on Amazon while Shinesty The Daytona Dong Sarong sells for a cool US$39.99 a pair on its website. At a glance, the two look the same but Shinesty opts for a full elastic waist while Jeados has drawstrings to back it up.

Jeans Speedo Denim Print Swim Brief
Jeans Speedo Denim Print Swim Brief

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Images: Amazon (Jeados)/Shinesty.

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