GoPro GoKart Concept Answers The Question Of What If GoPro Made A Go-Kart

After the failed GoPro Karma, I believe GoPro will not let itself be distracted by non-core products. But that does not stop product designer Sean Gao from offering the answer to a question nobody asked: what if GoPro offers an all-in-one B2B solution for GoKart, including camera-equipped karts?

Redmagic x Ninebot Go-kart 2nd Gen Special Edition: The Steering Wheel Is Also A Game Controller!

During the keynote for the Redmagic 9 Pro Series, Redmagic also announced something really special and pretty damn exciting. Redmagic revealed that it has collaborated with Ninebot for a Redmagic-themed go-kart, dubbed Redmagic x Go-Kart 2nd Gen Special Edition. Like, who would have thought a smartphone maker would get into a collab with a scooter …

Meanwhile, In China, There Is An Optimus Prime Segway Gokart Pro Limited Edition

Meanwhile Segway’s parent company Ninebot is not only also selling the Bumblebee Segway Gokart Pro Limited Edition in China at its official Ninebot flagship store on but it also has another variant which has not been announced in NA and that’s the Optimus Prime Gokart Pro Limited Edition.

Second Segway Transformers Collab Product Is This Bumblebee Segway Gokart Pro Limited Edition

This is the Bumblebee Segway Gokart Pro Limited Edition, the second product from the Segway and Transformers collaboration announced in March. If you ask me, the Bumblebee Segway Gokart Pro Limited Edition, which is based on the Segway/Ninebot Gokart Pro, definitely makes more sense than the Megatron scooter. Thanks to the color and the generous …

Segway Partnered With Hasbro For Transformers-themed Gokart Pro And Kickscooters

What if, when the Transformers first reach Earth, they decided to disguise themselves as a go-kart or kickscooter? Nah. That’s a ridiculous thought. Meanwhile, in the real world, Transformers will indeed appear as a go-kart and kickscooters – thanks to a collaboration between Segway-Ninebot and Hasbro.

Ninebot Gokart PRO Go-Kart Lamborghini Edition: Finally A Lamborghini I Can Afford (Maybe?)

Segway Ninebot is in the process of getting its new Ninebot Gokart PRO to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, it will arrive in China on September 23. If we read correctly, the idea of PRO came after a Lamborghini collaborative Ninebot Gokart PRO. Apparently, it took China’s Interweb by storm.

Car Customizer Used The Fender Of A VW Beetle To Create This Cool Go-Kart/Scooter Hybrid

Remember Volkspod? The custom scooter made out of a VW Beetle’s fender? Well, here’s another one by another party, called Bugkart Wasowski. Bugkart Wasowski is also has a body that used to be fender of a VW Beetle – a Type 1 Beetle to be specific. I know right? It looks super cool.