Ninebot Self-balancing Transporter Mecha Chariot

After introducing a couple of self-balancing transporter balancing-based go-karts (including a super dope Lamborghini co-branded model), parent company of Segway, Ninebot, has another radical idea: turning a self-balancing transporter into a fighting chariot.

Ninebot Self-balancing Transporter Mecha Chariot

The product, loosely translated to Ninebot Self-balancing Transporter Mecha Chariot, will turn Ninebot self-balancing transporter into a 4-wheel drifting kart and a Xploderz water gun on wheels. Basically, it is a water gun on wheels, which sure sounds like hell lot of fun to me.

The mecha chariot is armed with a pair on water pellet guns and trigger-equipped dual joystick for vehicle control and firing of the water pellet guns. The water pellet guns feature dual water pellet magazines with automatic ammunition loading, and anti-glare light to aid in aiming.

There is built-in speaker and Bluetooth connectivity for playing sound effects for dramatic shoot out, or if you so desire, streaming preferred music. It also has voice-based tutorial, in Chinese, of course, to get beginner started.

Ninebot Self-balancing Transporter Mecha Chariot

Mecha Chariot is built around a super-strength steel frame with all-round collision protection, and boasts fancy RGB under-vehicle light. It is app-enabled, allowing you to select the color of the light, view the vehicle parameter in real-time, and believe it or not, it (the app) also serve as a remote control for the ride, allowing for remote controlled combat.

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Finally, rounding up the package is a safety feature; the vehicle will only move and fire only when both hands are on the joysticks to prevent accident moving off or firing.

Ninebot said the Ninebot Self-balancing Transporter Mecha Chariot is suitable for Ninebot Self-balancing Transporter series and it is compact enough to fit into the trunk of SUV.

Ninebot Self-balancing Transporter Mecha Chariot

Ninebot is currently crowdfunding the Mecha Chariot on its online flagship store on It is selling it as a kit without the self-balancing transporter or as a bundle with the Ninebot Self-balancing Transporter Nano.

Prices for the kit-only is 1,399 yuan (roughly US212) and the Ninebot Nano bundle is being crowdfunded for 2,498 yuan (about US$379).

Unfortunately, it does not appear to be available outside of China. But I am confident it is a matter of time before Segway Ninebot take it to Indiegogo. I assume there are some regulatory things to clear before that can happen.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in just electric go-karting, the Ninebot Gokart PRO is still available to order on Indiegogo InDemand.

Images: Tmall (Ninebot Flagship Store) [CH].